European sycamore veneer

Maple Rift veneer - ideal for upscale interior design

European sycamore veneer

The sapwood and heartwood of maple rift veneer are hardly distinguishable. The wood is almost white or yellowish-white and turns yellow when exposed to air and light. Annual rings stand out as fine stripes or shiny veins, especially in the quartersawn cut. The structure is homogeneous and short-grained, the texture very fine and even, typically scattered porous. Maple for an upscale ambience, light and simple in an even structure for upscale interior finishing.

Trade names:

German: Ahorn, Waldahorn, Traubenahorn, Weißahorn
French: Erable blanc
English: Great Maple
Italian: Acero bianco




Europe - From Northern Spain to Ireland, in Great Britain, Denmark and Southern Sweden, Western and Southern Poland
Russia (Western Caucasus)

Ecologic: as FSC 100 % and PEFC certified wood available

Usage: Maple for an upmarket ambience, light and simple in an even structure, for upmarket interior design.

veneer wood
furnishing wood
construction wood

music instrument making
sport equipment
industrial components
houshold items (toys)
wooden buildings

Colours: white to white-yellowish

Cuts available: Flower / Structure, Rift / Stripe

Thicknesses available: mainly 0,6 mm