Sawn timber - many types of wood, thicknesses and lengths can be ordered from us

Sawn timber is an ideal material for any building project. Whether for exterior or interior use, the natural properties of wood make sawn timber an ideal material. Stable and durable. The solid wood processing form offers many possibilities for every need.

At Holzagentur Thiele you receive flawless and clean sawn timberbut also in line with the trend with natural defects and growth such as rustic oak sawn timber. The sawn timber is available in many wood species and commercially available thicknesses and lengths.

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A strong diameter of a beautiful oak trunk

1a Eiche Schnittholz in sehr guter Schreiner-Qualität

Lumber production

The sawn timber is cut from round timber and is also called logs, so that the individual planks lie together like a log. Holzagentur Thiele offers a wide selection of commercially available sawn timber. The sawn timber is stored slowly, gently and professionally in drying chambers until it is ready for processing..

Here are application examples made of lumber

Not being able to see the wood for the trees...
that cannot happen to you with us!

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Wood sustainability

The sustainability of the wood for veneer and lumber is very close to our hearts. Wood is environmentally friendly, durable, renewable. That is why veneer or sawn timber is a raw material of the future and the most environmentally friendly building material in the world. It is very important to Holzagentur Thiele that the roundwood used comes from sustainable forestry. For this reason, we only buy FSC and PEFC certified logs..

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Außergewöhnliches Schnittholz in 55 mm und 65 mm Stärke und bis zu 8 Meter lang.Außergewöhnliches Schnittholz in 55 mm und 65 mm Stärke und bis zu 8 Meter lang.

Straight from the factory

The timber coming directly from the sawmill is, as the name "sawn timber" suggests, usually not processed further directly from the trunk and thus, unlike planed timber, is usually sold directly with a rough-sawn surface.

Selection of oak lumber according to customer requirements

We select roundwood from the best growth areas, which is processed in the most modern sawmills, for your individual project. The standard thicknesses are 27 mm, 36 mm, 52 mm, 65 mm up to 100 mm. We will be happy to produce special thicknesses for you.

Sawn timber is available in the following species, among others:

European sycamore, maple tree, birch, beech tree, Ebenholz, oak, bog oak, American white oak, Amerikanische Rot-Eiche, alder tree, ash tree, Fichte, pine tree, cherry tree, larch tree, mahagony, Sapeli, Sipo, walnut tree, American walnut tree, Teak, elm tree, red elm tree, grey elm tree, Wenge, Zebrano, plum tree

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WOW 80 mm saubere, gerade Eiche!
WOW 80 mm clean, straight oak!
French walnut with a beautiful root tuber formation.