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Coloured veneer for carpenters/ joiner - in furniture making

Kilian Haselberger, apprenticed at his training company, Wood Design Gigler, 83115 Neubeuern, Germany, passed his journeyman's examination with the grade A with this beautifully designed compass table made of through-dyed birch veneer in 1.5 mm thickness, which was very easy to work with. Congratulations on passing the exam and on the beautifully designed compass table.  

Motif finding and special features of this journeyman's piece by Kilian Haselberger:

Kilian Haselberger has used the compass and the inlaid compass star to illustrate his cosmopolitanism and a kind of "wanderlust". In contrast, the star is designed in the Bavarian colours "white and blue" to create a connection to his roots. He has deliberately provided the table top with end-grain wood glues to create the unmistakable, pleasant, solid character. The four outermost points of the compass star are also the outer points of the table legs, which are placed so that they do not interfere anywhere. At the end of the table, the foot is between the person's legs, and on the long side, one sits next to the foot in each case. For easy transport in three parts, the table legs can be removed with the help of a table leg fitting. The continuous carcass under the tabletop has a classically guided drawer on one side and a flap on the other side, where there is a shelf on a mechanical guide behind it. Seen from the outside, the dining table is absolutely symmetrical. The tabletop itself is a derived timber product. This was necessary so that he could insert the star. This would not have been possible with a solid tabletop, as shrinkage and swelling would have caused cracks and gaps in the star. The table top is veneered with oak, maple and the blue through-dyed birch. The table leg construction is made of solid oak from the Spessart region. Wood design Gigler website

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Andrej Tschitschil - multiplex board coloured veneer - hexagon pattern

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Dyed veneer for instrument makers

Artfully handcrafted bead made of coloured veneer, at the individual request of a customer. The blue coloured birch veneer is mixed with layers of white maple veneer of different thicknesses, which makes it shine. Franz Bauer instrument maker website