Dyed veneers in 1.5 mm strength

In sizes 900 x 300 x 1,5 mm or

Brutto Maße 1050 x 260 x 1,5 mm


Holzagentur Thiele offers 1.5 mm thick, through-dyed birch veneer in many different colours.
The coloured veneer is produced in a special process so that the entire wood is impregnated with colour. This means that sanding through is not possible. After sanding, the final bright colour really comes out.

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Natural dyed veneers ecologically dyed

The dyed natural veneers are produced ecologically / environmentally friendly. The colours are water-based.

Possible uses of the through-dyed birch veneer

The dyed veneer is very popular in bow making. The bow making material can be used in many ways, as an inlay, in the grip on the limbs, tips and much more.
As inlay veneer in design furniture construction or as a complete dyed-through coloured sheet veneer for cabinet fronts. These natural veneers in colour are also very popular in toy production for board games, for example. In the interior finishing of kindergartens for colour-coded cloakrooms. In hotel and restaurant interiors, old people's homes, hospitals, airports, wherever the design needs to be a little more friendly and colourful and to create colourful orientation aids.
The dyed veneer with its many colours is even used in instrument making. In guitar backs, on sound holes on the cover of high-quality pianos, for decoration on harps and lyres, drum bodies (Cajon) and much more.

Here are application examples for dyed veneers

Coloured veneers for multilaminar planks/ custom laminate

The solid-coloured veneer sheets form the basis for our colourful multiplex panels. The individual veneer layers of the multilaminar planks / the actionwood planks are pressed together under high pressure using a special process. The result is a very robust, multi-ply wood block, one plank, one multilaminar board.
Endless possibilities for further design are offered to the processor. Whether gun stocks, knife shells, pistol grips, the production of sport bows, woodturning, bar handles, handholds, furniture handles, ice sticks, walking sticks, wooden jewellery, and so on.
From these different trendy colours, you can also put together a laminate with your individual colour combination, as a custom made plank / coloured laminate.


PEFC or FSC certified

Sustainable forestry management is close to our hearts. The origin of our raw material is always traceable.

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