Holzagentur Thiele GmbH

What do we supply?

Veneers: in normal thickness 0.5/6 mm, in thick cut or special thicknesses as well as design wood, dyed birch veneers as well as Actionwood in 0.6 mm. Dyed birch veneers in 1.5 mm and coloured birch laminate. Click here for our veneers Click here for our design veneer Click here for our dyed birch veneers Click here for our Actionwood sawn timber : All the usual ...

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What do we offer?

Experience and quality: Through our long time in veneer and lumber purchasing, as well as in production, we have been able to gain a lot of valuable experience that will benefit you in your design. We offer you high-quality woods. Thank you for your trust.

What do we do?

Our philosophy: veneer is unique, wonderful, leaf for leaf a one-off. Back to nature, the unmistakable feel and look, the immeasurable variety and beauty of wood. Its indescribable desirability - we would like to share this with you. Of course, we only buy certified goods, because sustainability is a major concern for us. We take time for your needs ...

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Our strengths

We advise, plan and support you throughout Germany as well as abroad. We only offer hand-picked veneer and sawn timber from the best knife and saw mills and bring it directly to the workshop. As your timber agency, we select the right material for your project.

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