Reclaimed wood application examples

We have rediscovered the wood from the centuries in old walls and made it available for further use as sawn timber or veneer.

Here you can see more examples of how our customers have used the scrap wood.

Let yourself be inspired by already implemented projects ... and find the right reclaimed wood for your project.

We are happy to advise you, whether you are a builder, contractor, architect or private individual.

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Alpenblume Edelweiss als PanoramaAltholz Alt-Eiche Balkenschnittholz

New kitchen table made of 300-year-old oak beams. The wood of the table could tell stories of the former life on the alpine hut.

Table made by Carpentry Breidenstein

Carpentry Breidenstein website

Private vinotheque in old beam oak

Joinery Günter Gayk, Gevelsberg

Private Vinothek in Alt-Balkeneiche

Old oak in a herringbone pattern as wall panelling in combination with a washbasin recess.

Picture: Revier Yoga School, owner: Claudia Brochhage
Project: carpentry Delseith

Carpentry Delseith

Waschbecken-Niesche Alt-Balkeneiche

Genuine old oak, beautiful kitchen fronts

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Veneers are sliced from real old oak and processed into beautiful kitchens, kitchen fronts and kitchen worktops. Designers also produce doors from reclaimed oak, panels from reclaimed oak, wall panelling from reclaimed oak and much more. Reclaimed oak can be up to 300 years old and is taken for recycling from historical buildings such as alpine pastures or stables, among others, and processed into new high-quality reclaimed oak veneer or solid wood. Reclaimed oak from recycled, old, historic wood.

Skier aus Altbalkeneiche

Skis made from old oak made by Dexle company