Reclaimed wood - from the Alps and the Alpine foothills

We offer genuine reclaimed oak as reclaimed wood/sawn timber or reclaimed wood veneer.

Guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher - the special thing about the wood is not just its appearance, but that it is wood that has a story to tell!

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Atmosphere & value with reclaimed wood panels

With reclaimed wood panels, you can give rooms a very special atmosphere and value.

Fully in line with the vintage style trend. Wood from old alpine pastures, their parlours or stables, weathered by snowstorms and sun-dyed for all areas of cosy vintage living style.

Further application examples for reclaimed wood

Old beam oak veneer

The old oak veneers and the old oak lumber is a particularly interesting material for the interior designer and shop and restaurant construction as well as wood interior fittings.

The wood offers endless design possibilities, for all areas of the cosy vintage living style.

You too can benefit from our experience in the field of waste wood.

Sunburnt spruce in vintage look

These spruce boards are indeed very old and could tell stories:
The spruce boards held old shy together, they sheltered and protected cows
and sheep from the cold, wind and storm. Heavy snowstorms whistled around the old slats and made them tremble with cold.
 The hot summer in the mountains burned the colour into them. So primitive, weathered, a colour spectrum of brown
to silvery grey, is supposed to be the outfit of the spruce and is fully in the vintage style.

The sunburnt, historic spruce boards processed in modern shop and restaurant construction.

Old oak in a herringbone pattern as wall panelling in combination with a washbasin recess.

Very old, real oak beams, over 300 and more years old, witnesses of old mountain pastures.

The beams supported the parlours, bedrooms and fireplaces of the alpine dwellers.

Oak wood is now finding new uses in modern interiors. Who knows what else it can do kitchens, as living room wall decorations, in bathrooms, indestructible and proven by the long, steady drying over centuries.

These old oak beams convey the feeling of well-being and the " good old days" in vintage style.

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Picture: Revier Yoga School, owner: Claudia Brochhage,
Project: Carpentry Delseith

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Authentic look with old oak

We offer genuine reclaimed wood. You are welcome to contact us directly to find out more!