Coloured lumber

Colored lumber is in stock at Holzagentur Thiele.

Holzagentur Thiele in the newspaper Holz-Zentralblatt at the tradefair Interzum 2019

We look back on a highly interesting and successful Interzum 2019 with many interesting discussions and new contacts. Our design veneer was very popular and will be used in many interior design areas in the future. In addition to our classic veneers, we are also pleased with the new look of the CWP design veneer. A big thank you to our Finnish cooperation partner, ...

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Sport-Bögen von RD Arqueria und Bogenbauer Raul Duwe

Sport bows made by RD Arqueria and bow maker Raul Duwe

Beautifully designed sport bows with individual desired colours made from Actionwood. Precise for professional archery or pleasure. The wood structure withstands even the toughest conditions. The material is hard and durable birch veneer. Here you can find more pictures

The colour purple

The colour purple is the next colour addition to our actionwood. Unique Bows - Dennis Kasper shows us how great sport bows look with this colour: Click here for our actionwood

Gewehrschaft von Brecht

Gun stocks made by Brecht from actionwood

Rifle stocks from Brecht made of actionwood for compressed air rifles that are powered by compressed air. Such rifles are used, for example, in the shooting sport discipline Field Target. Field Target is a hunting simulation in which medium and high muzzle energy air rifles are used. The targets are usually life-size metal silhouettes of rabbits, crows, squirrels, rats and other small animals, which are shot in England and ...

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Bow making at its best

Customer's choice of colour from actionwood, individual and unique. Precise for professional bow sport or pleasure.   Sport Bows by Dennis Kasper Click here for our actionwood - laminated wood

Interzum 2017

Interzum 2017

Holzagentur Thiele looks back on a successful Interzum 2017. As general agency for the German-speaking region, Holzagentur Thiele presented together with CWP: - Design wood in 0.6 mm, for upscale interior design. - through-dyed 1.5 mm thick birch veneer- with a large colour spectrum of 21 different colours. - coloured Actionwood for many different applications in the wood sector.   Here ...

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