Technical veneers from Holzagentur Thiele

The technical veneers are made from Finnish birch wood. The veneer is dyed with environmentally friendly colours. The light birch veneer naturally has a special luminosity and shine. When the technically modified veneer is saturated with colour, it conveys this in a beautiful natural shine. Our veneers are not subjected to any bleaching process.

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Linea optics of technical veneers

The technical veneer, also called fineline veneer, is surface-glued and pressed from 1.5 mm thick veneers in several production processes, then sliced, like the classic veneer. The result after slicing is an interesting straight, striped design. Depending on the incidence of light, the veneer reflects its colouring and it enchants with its natural sheen.

The haptics of technical veneers

Due to the pressing of the individual veneer sheets of the technical veneer and their subsequent slicing, a very special feel is created. Even if you do not touch the multilaminar, it has a very attractive and elegant visual effect.

Application areas of multilaminar veneer/ technical veneer

Just like everywhere else where traditional veneer is used: In the design of interiors, door and panel manufacture, ceilings, walls, furniture, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, old people's homes, public buildings, airports and much more.


Reproducibility of technical veneer

Technical veneer is superior to classical veneer in its reproducibility. If a classic veneer log is completely processed, but the project is not yet finished, the search for similar wood in colour and texture is not easy. The technical veneer, however, can be reproduced in endless sqm. The technical veneer is excellently suited for form gluing.
The technical veneer offers the designer, interior architect, interior builder infinite design options.
The Holzagentur Thiele team will be happy to accompany you on your new project and can already assure you of the best support.


The technical veneer is available in the following measurements:

  • Thickness: 0,6 mm (+/- 0,01 mm)
  • Length: 2700 mm
  • Width: 620 mm
  • Wood moisture content: 8-12 %
  • Further dimensions on request possible

Holzagentur Thiele offers 13 standard colours in technical Linea veneer. You can, of course, put together your own individual colour combination

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Our colour selection of technical veneers in detail view:

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At the customer's request (custom made), we can produce your own colour combination for you,
Here you can see some colour combination examples:

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Please use sample sheets with selected surface treatment to test whether sufficient light protection (UV protection) can be achieved with the surface materials, oils, lacquers, waxes you have selected or whether additional measures are required.


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