Smoked veneers

Smoking the veneers creates very different colour nuances.

Wood that is largely stable to ageing and light.

The wood reflects enchanting, timelessly beautiful effects of light and shade, in a way that is otherwise only seen in antique woods.

The smoking of woods such as oak, acacia or larch causes a staining of the surface after a short treatment and a complete colouring of the woods after a longer period of time due to the effect of ammonia (NH3). In contrast to many other natural or coloured woods, the colour is largely unchanged. Wood that is largely stable to ageing and light..
The wood is furthermore modified by the smoking process, i.e. it becomes more elastic, less brittle and therefore easier to work and process.
The smoked wood does not contain any substances that could endanger health. The freshly smoked wood only needs enough time to flash off. This process is accelerated by heat and completely finished after drying again.

Smoked oak veneers will be offered in commercially available thicknesses of 0,6 mm or 1,5 mm.

Alternatively there is the possibility of a special thickness of 2,5 mm.Please contact us in order to get a non-binding offer for your desired dimensions.

You would like to order smoked veneers?

These are our veneers in stock:

Origin: Europe
Ecologic: as FSC 100 % and PEFC certified wood available
Usage: furniture, doors, interior fittings, kitchens, wall cladding (panels)
Colours: dark brown/ black
Cuts available: Flower / Structure, Rift / Stripe
Thicknesses available: 0,6 mm

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