Application examples made of actionwood, multiplex boards

The product consists of through-dyed, colourful, 1.5 mm thick birch veneers, which are joined together to create the most wonderful colour combinations.

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Holzblockrohlinge aus Actionwood

Handgriffe aus Actionwood - Laura Rückert

Actionwood - Wooden panels for universal use in furniture construction

Handles can also be created from our dyed birch veneer, actionwood.

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Hair comb made from actionwood by Kiki (Jadedrache) Warthemann.

Rainbow wood from birch. Handmade unique pieces.

Anwendungsbeispiele buntes Multiplex

Rifle stocks made from dyed, coloured veneer

Rifle stocks by Brecht made from actionwood for compressed air rifles that are powered by compressed air. Such rifles are used, for example, in the shooting sport discipline Field Target. Field Target is a hunting simulation in which medium and high muzzle energy air rifles are used. The targets are usually life-size metal silhouettes of rabbits, crows, squirrels, rats and other small animals that may also be hunted with air rifles in England and the USA.

Turned unique pieces. Made of noble actionwood - woods.

Round Thing - Unique Wood Pieces / Michael Walther

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Writing utensils made of multiplex/ actionwood

Writing utensils made of actionwood by

Finest writing instruments made by master craftsmen with much love, patience and precision.

Sport bows made of actionwood

by Andreas Malota

We have many more example pictures of the actionwood woods in the sports bows application area.

Other sport bows examples

Sportbogen von Andreas Malota
Baseballschläger aus ActionwoodBaseballschläger aus Actionwood

Baseball bat made of actionwood

Walking stick RELAX LINEA, noble anatomic relax handle made of sturdy multiplex wood

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