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Veneer, one of the oldest materials in the world, unique leaf by leaf. Never before has the genuine material wood been so close to our spirit of time.

We obtain the roundwood from reliably sustainably grown sources, do not trade with endangered species of wood and do not waste valuable oil to produce plastics. Holzagentur Thiele acts ecologically and sustainably.

For over 35 years, Stefan Thiele has been selecting suitable roundwood from the best growth areas in the world for the production of high-quality veneers and lumber. Benefiting from the great potential of his experience promises mutual success.


The ancient Egyptians already knew how to appreciate the wood

History of veneer

Originally, the ancient Egyptians showed us how wood can be made into many thin sheets of veneer through the finest sawing. The value of wood as a material was already appreciated in antiquity. In the Middle Ages, it was reserved for kings, nobles and rich citizens to afford furniture made of fine veneers. Fortunately, the beautiful material of veneer wood is now accessible to everyone.

Log division

Already as a lying log in the forest, its future is already mapped out, whether it will become a plain veneer strip or whether it will turn into a beautiful flowery veneer.

Holzagentur Thiele purchases

... the logs from reliable, sustainably grown sources, does not deal with any endangered species of wood and does not waste any valuable oil, as is the case, for example, in plastic production. Likewise, Stefan Thiele attaches great importance to the growth areas of the logs, which in turn promises to have a lot of influence on the colour of the wood. The sustainability of the forest is close to our hearts.


Holzagentur Thiele offers veneer of:

All types of veneer and in all commercially available thicknesses such as
0,6 mm, 1,2 mm, 2,5 mm

Genuine veneer - application possibilities

Whether in public buildings, airports, music theatres, libraries, banks, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, kitchens, bedrooms, instrument construction, aircraft and ship interiors and much more, real veneer enchants every interior.
The veneer surrounds us with its naturalness with a lot of comfort and almost unlimited design possibilities.
Endless colour variations never cease to amaze us with what nature can do.

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One log yard in the Palatinate region

Wonderful logs were selected from approx. 1,000 logs, which can now be viewed at our warehouse. The effort was worth it and we hope to be able to present you your desired log to achieve a super interior design result with the beautiful veneers.

Our customers include interior designers, architects and designers,
instrument makers and all those who create beautiful things with the natural material wood.

Please let us know your veneer wishes, we will take care of it, because our motto is still:
Relax and buy wood.

Your veneer expert- Stefan Thiele offers you competent support in veneer selection for all projects, he supports and accompanies you.


You can choose from many types of wood!
As for example:

For more information on the individual veneer types please click on the pictures

If the veneer you are looking for is not available in our veneer gallery, we will of course be happy to send you pictures of the veneer you have requested by e-mail. Technical design veneer as well as dyed birch veneer can be found here in our our shopAlready during the planning of your projects, we will be happy to accompany and advise you in order to select the most suitable veneer for your purposes.

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