Application examples for sawn timber / solid wood

The sawn timber is cut from round timber and is also called logs, so that the individual planks lie together like a log.
Holzagentur Thiele offers a wide selection of commercially available sawn timber. The sawn timber is stored slowly, gently and professionally in drying chambers until it is ready for processing.

Goliath table made of solid oak lumber produced by the company Brakonier. Click here to visit the website of the Brakonier company: Staircase steps with white powder-coated steel stringers made of solid smoked oak designed by Brakonier. Staircase with free-floating steps made of solid smoked oak designed by Brakonier.

Kitchen table made of santos rosewood solid - high gloss lacquered- simply extraordinary

Carpentry Wirtz website

Sawn wood in rosewood solid. A high-quality kitchen table as a solid wood top made of rosewood sawn timber manufactured by Schreinerei Wirtz. Rosewood sawn timber also offers further design possibilities as stair railings, stair treads, wall panelling, etc. Solid sawn timber in any type of wood is offered by Holzagentur Thiele. Click here for Carpentry Wirtz

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