Laminated wood blanks / Actionwood / Dymondwood / Diamond wood / Coloured layer wooden boards


  1. Birch veneer: The raw material is peeled in 1.5 mm. The veneer consists of high density and good quality. Raw material is PEFC or FSC certified.
  2. End use areas like: Gun stocks, pistol grips, bow handles, knife handles, furniture parts, pepper miles, skate- and longboards, ski- and snowboards, handrail, panels, furniture, musical instruments, small items like pens, turning work and so on.
  3. Available sizes: 900 x 300 x 30 mm + 40 mm produced and sold in pairs for each colour combination. 900 x 300x 50/ 60/ 70 mm single delivery possible. If you want, you can design your own colour combination.
  4. Colours and structure: Through dyed by environmentally friendly water-based dyes. Being a natural wood product the colour and structure may vary a little from one log / beam to another.
  5. Quality and moisture content: Small single live knots max. 10 mm allowed in the middle of the blank. Veins / hairs allowed. Flamed and curly veneers are allowed. Brown heart colour allowed in dark tones. Patched veneers used in the middle of the blanks. The moisture content 8-12 % (at delivery).
  6. UV Permanence: Good on surface-treated product. With certain colours, the natural shade of the birch may show through. Testing is recommended depending on the area of application.
  7. Product safety: In the through dyeing of veneers CWP is using an unique, environmentally friendly process. The blanks contain no harmful substances.
  8. Instructions for manufacturing and gluing: Normal wood machine tools can be used. Finishing can be made with all available materials. Wax, oil, different varnishes. Testing before production is recommended.