Red Gum veneer

Satin walnut veneer - ideal for upmarket interiors

Satin Nussbaum Furnier
Red Gum veneer

The subtly vanilla-scented wood is characterised by an irregular grain, a fine, even texture and a silky sheen. The tangential surfaces of the wood, which is similar to walnut, show delicate yet dignified veining and the same stripes on the radial surfaces. Sometimes there are also flamed decors. The creamy white sapwood with a reddish tinge and the glossy rosé to reddish brown-grey heartwood are processed separately.

Trade names:

German: Satin Nussbaum, Amberbaum
American / English: Red gum
French: Noyer Satiné

Origin: North America

Ecologic: as FSC 100 % and PEFC certified wood available

Usage: It is particularly suitable for veneer production for upmarket interior design.

interior design

Colours: red to dark brown

Cuts available: Flower / Structure, Rift / Stripe

Thicknesses available: mainly 0,6 mm