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Wood meets all requirements, sustainable, homely, valuable and healthy.

Sustainable living: The trend back to nature, healthy living and living is in focus.

Beam oak veneer, the connection to nature and natural lifestyle.

Genuine old oak sawn timber in 50 mm, ideally suited for rustic tables and/or table tops.

Oak plain, clean, light, wide beautiful stripes/ friezes from a high quality rift refurbishment.

Due to the longing for natural living, the trend towards the Scandinavian lifestyle still continues and is becoming increasingly stronger. We offer you colourful, naturally luminous birch design veneers.

Helsinki University Meeting places

Noise barriers / acoustic panels in CWP design LSG (silver-grey) as picture element: Kettu / Fuchs

Modern art in natural design made of dyed birch veneers.

In addition to all standard veneer thicknesses, we also offer special thicknesses up to 7 mm in oak on customer request.

Best regards
naturally made from wood

Stefan Thiele and team