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Stefan Thiele founds agency for veneer and sawn timber

Stefan Thiele founded the timber agency Thiele EU, Bochum, on 17 February 2015. Thiele worked for the factory-free veneer manufacturer and timber trade Hans Hahn GmbH, Bochum, from 1983 to December 2014, most recently as sales manager. In the veneer sector, the focus is on accompanying projects in which veneer is used and on brokering raw veneers from European wood species as well as modified raw veneers such as thermal and smoked veneer.
In addition, Thiele offers artificial veneers from Italian production as well as veneers made from old wood and beams. In the case of raw veneers and modified veneers, Thiele acts as an intermediary between producers and outfitters of yachts, aircraft, interior finishers and instrument manufacturers. In the case of thick veneers up to 3 mm thick, Thiele offers furniture manufacturers and companies active in interior design the wood types oak, beech, cherry and sycamore maple. For thicknesses up to 9 mm, which are required by wood flooring manufacturers as well as furniture manufacturers and interior design companies, Thiele provides sawn veneer. As with thick sawn timber, the focus is on European woods, including especially oak, ash and elm.