The company CWP, based in Finland, produces laminated blanks of high quality from through-dyed birch veneers in 1.5 mm thickness. The laminated blanks guarantee a hard and durable result. The laminate structure is resistant to warping even under difficult circumstances. Well finished products are weather resistant. Thanks to through-dying, dents and scratches can easily be repaired with basic tools.

There are endless possibilities for working with the laminated wood, for example: sports equipment like gun stocks, bow material, knife handles, pen blanks, turning work, handrails, wall decoration, sculptures, lamps and lanterns, furniture, handles and knobs, music instruments, panels, shells for technical equipment (mobiles, notebooks, etc.), skateboards, longboards, ski and snowboards and many more projects.

The standard sizes of laminated blanks are length x width x thickness:

900 x 300 x 30 mm/ 40 mm/ 45 mm/ 50 mm/ 60 mm/ 70 mm

For technical production reasons blanks with 30 mm and 40 mm can only be produced and sold in pairs for each colour combination.
Blanks with 45 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm are available separately.

Special sizes on request. Buy now

Standard colours:

(Please click on the pictures for enlargement.)


These are the trend colours from which you can build up your individual colour combination:

Please choose your favourite(s) and order simply and comfortably with the order form in our shop or send us an email.

We will be pleased to answer all your questions about laminated blanks.

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Here you can see some interesting application samples made from laminated blanks.

Further application samples:

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CWP dyed veneers